LVL Lash Lift


LVL stands for length, volume and lift. It is a stunning alternative to eyelash extensions and has been designed to dramatically enhance the clients natural lashes. LVL does not use adhesives or lash extension. It lasts for six to eight weeks and the results are immediate. Treatment takes around an hour depending on the length and health of the natural lashes.

What’s not to love about the LVL lash lift treatment?

💜 Lasts up to 8 weeks
💜 no fake lashes used
💜 no glue needed
💜 animal-friendly products used
💜 nap during treatment
💜 no mascara required



Eye brow shape £17
*Eye brow tint £10
*Eyelash tint £14
*Eyebrow & eyelash tint £22
*Eyebrow tint & shape £25
*LVL Lash lift & tint £65

 *Test patch must be carried out at least 48 hours prior to treatment for your health and safety


Home Care Products For Lashes

Triple Enhance Lash Serum £35
Conditioning Lash & Brow Serum £25
Day & Night Duo £33

FREE P&P Within the UK Only


“Eva is so knowledgeable so not only offers top notch services but can also advise you on so many beauty related issues.
Her facials are incredible and the LVL lashes…. wow!! Such a difference, love them.”

Jo Baldwin Trott

“Have the best LVL lashes I’ve ever had… they look totally amazing!! Recommend Eva 200%. Thank you 🙏🏻😘.”

Dawn Simone

“I am very pleased with the lash lift and tint service that Eva Pe has done for me. Very knowledgeable, professional and affordable. If you are after some quality and affordable beauty care services, get in touch with Eva.
@ Eva Pe, thank you, I will be back!”

Nadia Essendi Gass

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