Lycon hot wax is the professional’s choice in quality wax and used in leading salons around the world. Lycon Hot Waxes are a low temperature formula, using only the finest resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils, Lycon delivers superior performance, removing stubborn hair as short as 1mm. They are very pliable and painless for most.


Pre and Post Care products 

Lycon merges science with nature for the ultimate in top to toe professional waxing, with Lycon’s easy to use pre and post waxing lotions.

 A must during all waxing, to cleanse, protect, calm, nurture and restore.


 I work with Lycon’s MANifico hot wax. It’s unique formulation of Titanium Dioxide technology, Chamomile, Australian Sandalwood and gentle Micro Mica, which makes it the ultimate wax for strong hair and sensitive skin. It is the must have wax for male and female Brazilian waxing.

 I also use Lycon’s Lavender Lycojet hot wax. This majestic purple with soothing Lavender and Chamomile, is excellent for all waxing especially for facial waxing and larger areas.




Waxing Services Menu

 Lycon Lavender / hot wax


High Brow – (Eye brows)                      from £15
Top Hat – (Upper lip)                                      £8
Jaws – (Chin)                                                   £10
Mimosa – (Underarms)                        from  £16
Double Shot – (Nostrils)                                £10
Bellini – (Bikini Line)                                       £20
Expresso Martini  (Extended bikini) from   £26
Singapore Sling- (G-String)                 from £32
Martini Shaken – (Brazilian FG)                    £35
Martini Stirred – (Boyzilian MG)                    £62
Vodka Martini –    (Hollywood FG)                £41
Pina Colada –       (Hollywood MG)               £70
Patch                                                                £8


Lavender & Aloe Vera Gel Wax /strip wax


Peach Belini – (Basic bikini)                           £14
Half Pint – (Half leg lower)                   from £22
Lager Top (Half Leg upper)                 from  £26
Long Island – (Full leg)                          from £35
Rum & Cola – (Half arm)                                £18
Rum Punch – (Full arm)                                  £26
Spritzer –  (Shoulders)                                    £20
Wine Spritzer – (Shoulders &top arms)       £26
Bacardi – (Back)                                     from £35


FG = female genitals
MG= male genitals


“Eva always does an excellent job when it comes to waxing, doing eyebrows and facials. I highly recommend her, she uses high quality products, is very professional and holds her work to a very high standard.”


Owner, Mestizo Bar and Restaurant

“I can highly recommend Eva for waxing.In fact its possibly the best wax I ever had! Completely pain free and whats more the products used were completely natural. Also Eva made me feel comfortable and relaxed during the treatment and so overall the experience was an enjoyable one.”

Sophie Fleming

“Eva es, en mi experiencia, una de las MEJORES profesionales en Waxing, Limpieza de Cutis y cuidado de la piel. Tiene una manos benditas, es muy cuidadosa y consentidora, realmente con sus tratamientos he descubierto la importancia de cuidarse siempre y el valor de su trabajo.Muchas Gracias Eva por tus maravillosos servicios.”

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Facials Information

45 minute facial

 A great quick fix facial for those short of time.

This treatment includes a double facial cleanse, tone, exfoliation or polish, face massage and a soothing mask with scalp massage. The treatment ends with application of suitable face and eye cream. 


60 minute facial

 A relaxing and gentle facial that helps soothe and calm the skin to add hydration and leave your skin feeling fresh and revived.  

This treatment includes a double facial cleanse, toner / mist, exfoliation or polish using either a physical product or sonic device to help ease blocked pores and remove dead dull skin cells, a lymphatic draining facial massage using organic facial oil along with pressure points to ease the facial muscles and promote a youthful complexion and glow. A suitable face and neck mask is applied just before a scalp massage is carried out to help you relax and forget any tensions. Then we finish with application of serum, face and eye cream.


75 minute facial

 A facial treatment that will leave the skin feeling fresh, smooth, soft and glowing. 

This treatment starts with deep breaths and relaxing essential oils. Then a double facial cleanse including an oil cleanse to remove any dirt, grime and make up followed by a creamy cleanser to clean and soothe the skin. We then do exfoliation or polish using either a physical scrub or the sonic device to help remove dead skin cells and smooth the skin surface. A face massage with pressure points and lymphatic drainage is done using organic face oil, and a suitable mask for the face and necks applied before the scalp massage is carried out to help release any tension. Then you can have a nap and  relax under the Dremalux  led light mask, that will help rejuvinate the skin cells and leave you with a beautiful natural glow.  We then finish with a serum, face and eye cream and a touch of lip balm. 

 During the light therapy you can have the add on of the hand treatment that includes a hand scrub and mask then placed in heated mitts before a massage.